Thursday, June 28, 2012

Deployment Plan: Stabilizing


The user’s performance after the installation is captured to establish a conclusion whether the users are able to meet flaws which will have to be fixed as the installation technology team is still in attendance. They will serve as back-up to detain and formulate any solutions to the problems.

Ø  Monitor for Defects While on Site

In case of any flaws encountered by the users of the OSS-IS.  The users can go through a help desk wherein a support will be set up to unravel the problem. In case of difficulty the Officer In-Charge may just lists on the defects encountered so that later on it will be fixed and will not bring interruptions during the operations.

Ø  Survey for Satisfaction

The survey will only cater the assessment from the users in the OSS-IS as well as from the students acquiring for the service. Through this survey, an assessment is acquired whether the system was done through an easy and defined installation procedure. The survey is done either through a face to face interaction or through a survey paper.

Transfer to Operations

Once a solution is already created by the Solutions team, then it will be executed by the Operations team to put it into action the given solutions to be able to fix a crop up problem that made any interruptions during the actual work. 

Ø  Responsibilities

The responsibilities are divided by the local and the central IT staff. It means that there are available support staffs in the main site where the system is installed and can only be access for help depending on the kind of flaws that are encountered. Each acts a different role

Ø  Activation of Reporting and Monitoring

Monitoring the incidents is essential to assess whether the software is capable in delivering the acquisitions of the students as well as Personnel and immediate outcomes from using the software. An evaluation is indeed prepared to generalize whether the inputs go through the appropriate procedures and come up with the desired output. By then, effects and impacts are then collected out form the assessment thereof.